Our Services

Midgley Partners offers a range of services including:

Annual & Periodic Financial & Tax Reports

Compliance accounting procedures for small & large business entities, including preparation of GST/PAYE/FBT/Income Tax Returns and Annual Financial Reporting.

Business /Personal Development

Helping clients get more from their business & personal lives.

Business Valuations

Preparing valuations of businesses for buyers & sellers, and assisting owners evaluate the selling worth of their business.

Expert Witness

Using our specialised accounting & financial knowledge and skill to present an opinion about the facts of a case during legal proceedings.

Forensic Accounting

Using our accounting & financial skills to investigate fraud or embezzlement, and to analyse financial information for use in legal proceedings.

Intellectual Property

Assisting clients protect their names, logos, designs, etc, by obtaining Trademark and/or design mark registration both in NZ & AUS. Engineering appropriate ownership & control structures.

Succession Planning

Helping and guiding the passing of businesses & investments to the next generation.

Tax Regimes

Working with clients to obtain quality outcomes for GST/PAYE/FBT/Income Tax. Where necessary we will confer with Tax Specialists and seek an opinion from them. We have access to an online Tax, Company, and Employment Q & A service.

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